hey, Zürich! The best band in the world will soon be in you

My favourite band in all the world, The Phoenix Foundation, who also happen to be from my home town, Wellington, New Zealand, are playing a series of concerts all over Europe.  Unfortunately, even though Zürich would be the closest to me from Munich, and if I could I would totally go for it,  Veronika and I are flying to New Zealand the day before.  Sad Face!

Hedgehog cookies for teething bubs

One of the mummies in my mummy group came for a tyrant play date the other day and brought some hedgehog teething cookies for Veronika which were a huge hit! She screamed when I took one away, so I thought I'd better learn how to make them.  Izzy kindly gave me the reciple, so here it is:

Featured Dad Post: Pork Terrine

When I told my father I was re-inventing this site as a mummy/food blog, we thought it would be a great idea to also feature some "Dad" recipes.  My inventiveness and refusal to follow recipes is definitely a trait I've learned from my father.  While both of my parents are great cooks, my mother is much more of a recipe follower.

#wtfmsd and bug bounties

For those either not living in New Zealand, or living under a rock in New Zealand, #wtfmsd refers to the gigantic security hole that allowed members of the public to walk into Work and Income (WINZ) offices, and use their completely unsecured Kiosk computers to read (and in some cases, write) sensitive documents on the network.  These documents included details about children in the care of Child, Youth and Family (including addresses), prescription medication (anti depressants, anti psychotics) and information about an attempted suicide, amongst others.

Review: gNappies

i was pretty adament since finding out that I was pregnant that I wanted to do cloth diapering.  I didn't really know much about the various options available but a few people I knew, including my sister, had done it at least for awhile, with varying degrees of success.

New website

I've finally gotten around to re-doing this website and there are quite a few things that have changed.

Breastfeeding and the Tyranny of the Scales

Most mothers will gleefully tell you horror stories about birth. Anything from how many hours/days they were in labour to how they pooped in front of the doctor (or 10 doctors) and had their girl parts torn asunder. But nobody tells you, or at least nobody told me, how difficult breastfeeding can be.

how to make Laksa, Penny-style

In New Zealand, Malaysian restaurants are about every few hundred meters, I guess because we have a lot of immigration from Malaysia. At any rate, I ate in Malaysian restaurants a lot, and I would almost always eat Laksa. But when I moved to the German speaking part of the world, I found that not only are there very very few Malaysian Restaurants, the ones that I tried either didn't have Laksa at all, or had some sort of horrible "eingedeutsched" version of Laksa that was nothing like the thick filling Laksa I had gotten used to in New Zealand, so I resolved to learn how to make my own.

New Zealanders: polite or overly timid?

I've recently been confronted with a few (for me at least) jarring examples of what I suspect are cultural differences between New Zealand and Germany. Basically, it all relates to being assertive or not.

Chorizo, prawn, chickpea and kumara stew

I was searching for a recipe online the other day (I can't remember what for) and accidentally came across a recipe for Chorizo, Chickpea and Kumara (Sweet Potato) Stew. It caught my attention and I kept it in the back of my mind for a few days and then yesterday when I went to the supermarket I decided to try something similar out. For some reason, "Chorizo" and "Stew" together evokes the idea of Gumbo in my head (even though I've never before cooked, or even eaten Gumbo) so today I did a bit of research on Gumbo and got some further ideas for refining this Stew. I'm not sure what I ended up with could reasonably be called Gumbo, but it was pretty delicious. Here's what you'll need:

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